A Kon Tiki pyrolyser with freshly made biochar

Workshops are focused on making and using biochar on orchards and vineyards, but will provide valuable information for all users.

They will be held in the following locations:

South Island: Cromwell (NZ Nuts Ltd), Nelson (Kaimira Wines). An additional workshop is being considered in North Canterbury.

North Island: Waihi (Chaos Springs), Waiuku (Waipipi Organics), Gisborne (Kaiaponi Farms)

Venue details are available from the Eventbrite booking page (link above: WORKSHOP DATES & BOOKINGS page)

Using biochar sequesters carbon, and supports sustainable horticultural production by :

1. increasing soil water holding  

2. increasing nutrient availability & reducing nutrient leaching, thus reducing input costs

3. increasing biological activity and soil health

4. remediation of contaminated soil 

5. utilisation of crop residues

...all leading to improved crop performance, healthier plants and profits. 



Dennis Enright (NZ Biochar Ltd) and Trevor Richards (AllBlackEarth)  will present information and demonstrate making and using biochar.

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Biochar is being produced and applied around the world in a growing number of commercial agriculture systems. Interest is also growing in NZ but training in biochar production and application techniques has generally, not been available in NZ. To help fill this need, NZ Biochar Ltd and AllBlackEarth are planning a series of national biochar workshop tours, beginning in May 2018 with an initial focus on horticulture. 
The workshops are supported by AllBlackEarth which is the website and blog for the Biochar Interest Group in New Zealand. ABE is an independent, voluntary group interested in the production and application of biochar in NZ. We welcome your interest in this group and your participation in biochar related activities in NZ. Links: