Biochar in Horticulture

workshop program

The following program is generic for horticulture. We may slightly modify this outline as we get closer to May, to provide local focus for regional crops and conditions (soil and environment).

  • 8:30 am    Registration begins
  • 9:00 am    Introduction to Biochar - Evolution and value of biochar: including history (ancient & local); primary benefits; production technologies (old & new; big & small; fast & slow; good & bad); applications overview
  • 10:45 am  Morning Tea
  • 11:00 am  Biochar Production & CCI: demonstration of simple, farm-scale production techniques; post-production processes (conditioning; charging; inoculating)
  • 12:00         Lunch  (while production continues)
  • 12:30 pm  Complete production: discuss post-production processes, quality and application
  •   2:00 pm  Biochar application demonstration: apply biochar to establish a field trial at each workshop venue to monitor the effects of biochar on soil moisture and nutrient status in the future; we hope to provide follow up data for workshop attendees
  •   3:30 pm  Strategies for horticulture: R&D ideas, produce? buy? production cooperative? cascading uses? application methods.
  •   3:30 pm  Workshop wrap-up: discussion and feedback.
  •   4:00 pm  Close